Sander (Combination Disc-Belt)

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Sander (Combination Disc-Belt)
Make and Model
Serial Number
Area Woodshop (Area)
Maintained by Team Woodshop Team
Required PPE Eye required
Can Guests Use? No
Training Required? Required
Link to Training Google Drive
Tool Status Working

Safety Information

In addition to general Woodshop_(Area) Safety rules:

  • Hold work firmly, with fingers at least 1 inch from sanding surface
  • Be extra cautious of lose clothing - Currently missing guards, Estop button, motor shield

Training Information

Complete the online portion of training via google classroom (See quick info to the left), then an in person portion can be coordinated by posting to the #area-wood-shop slack channel

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sand on this sander?

Machine is intended for wood. Plastic and composites are probably OK but watch for damage to abrasive. Do not use with metal (including, but not limited to iron, steel, aluminum, and copper) under any circumstances. If you are generating sparks, stop immediately.

What grit is on the sanding surfaces? Can I change it?

The belt is typically 120 grit, and disk is 80. The disk cannot be changed, as the adhesive backing is single-use only. The belt can be changed if you require a different grit. Please remember to return the lab-owned belt when you're finished.