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Kwartzlab uses two means for communicaiton:


Slack is our primary form of communication. After joining Kwartzlab you will receive an invitation to join our Slack Community. Slack is arranged into channels that you can join if you're interested in that particular topic or area of the lab. Please do sign up for the channels for the areas you frequent so that you will see the messages you need to such as a tool temporarily going back on line, fellow members looking for something in the space, etc


You will be added to two kwartzlab mailing lists short after paying.

  • Announce is used for important announcements. We do our best to keep the traffic to this mailing list down, but it will include important announcements that we need all members to see.
  • Members is used for less important communication, such as vetting of new member applications. You are encouraged to stay on this mailing list, but it is optional.

How to leave a mailing list

There is a link in the email signatures for these mailing lists which will let you request to be unsubscribed. Requests to unsubscribe from Members is automatically approved immediately. Requests to unsubscribe from the Announce mailing list must be manually approved (if you leave Kwartzlab and we forget to remove you from mailing lists, this is a way you can start the removal process yourself).

Alternately, you can email the current secretary or the board of directors and ask to be removed