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While KWartzLab is mainly a community of enthusiastic hobbyists, many of us make our living in whole or part using the lab and its resources. This includes artists, small business owners, side gigs, startup employees and work-from-homers.

All KWartzLab members are 100% allowed to make money from the work that they do in the space, but they are subject to the same rules and expectations regardless of their business model. The following guidelines should help members navigate using the space for their business and help prospective members decide if KWartzLab is right for their business needs.

Rule 0

The unofficial ‘Rule 0’ of KWartzLab is “don’t make us make another rule.” This means that all members are expected to act in a reasonable and respectful manner at all times even where no rules or guidelines specifically apply. Additional rules are created when an issue arises but we prefer not to have too many specific rules.

Employees and Coworkers

KWartzLab memberships are only issued to individuals, there are no types of shared memberships. If you have employees or coworkers who will be working with you in the space, they are welcome as guests, but must follow the same rules as other guests such as: they cannot be in the space when the member is not there, they must always be accompanied while in the woodshop or metal shop, they are not allowed to use tools that require training or are for members only, the trained member must always be the one monitoring automated tools that can’t be left unattended such as the CNC routers, CNC mill and laser cutters.

If another member of your team needs to use KWartzLab frequently, they should apply for their own membership.

Please note that all new members must be approved by the existing Kwartzlab membership and this is not guaranteed.


Shop consumables (such as sandpaper, wood glue, sewing machine needles, grinder discs, end mills etc.) are provided for all members to use in reasonable quantities. If you are using a large amount of a certain consumable for production, you are expected to provide your own.


The space and tools at KWartzLab are shared by over 150 members and as such it is not appropriate for one member or group to monopolise a tool or space for a long period of time. The amount that it is reasonable for a member to use a tool or space is dependent on the popularity of said resource and the time or day/year, but all KWartzLab members need to coordinate with other members and area teams when planning larger projects. We also need to be flexible in our schedules in order to effectively share the space.

Business address

KWartzLab’s address can’t be used as the business address for any member. This means that no members can receive mail there, and customers can’t show up when you are not there. Scheduling meetings or tours with customers or colleagues when you are present is allowed.

Contributing to the community

KWartzLab is an entirely volunteer run organisation and the space, tools, and community only exist because of the efforts of members since 2009. All members are expected to contribute to maintaining and growing the organisation. On top of the minimum that all members are required to contribute, those who are using the lab more should be open to sharing more of their skills and time with the community.

Events and Workshops

In addition to all of the wonderful tools, KWartzLab is also a great space that is available for members to host many sorts of events and workshops. All events must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors and are subject to scheduling availability. Events are typically held in the Front Room, Textiles, Electronics, or the Fab-Lab. Workshop participants can use KWartzLab tools as long as they are not for members only and do not require training . Events can be members only, open to the public, for a private group, or require pre-registration as the organizing member’s choice.

KWartzLab members can charge a fee for an event or workshop that they organize. There is currently no additional cost for members to run an event at the space, but this may change.

Please note that KWartzLab is on the 2nd floor and currently doesn’t have an accessible entrance so any event hosted here will not be physically accessible.


As KWartzLab is a small volunteer run organization, our tools and space will occasionally be unavailable for extended periods due to maintenance issues or use by other members. KWartzLab Society Inc. cannot be held liable for loss of productivity due to any circumstance. KWartzLab Society Inc. is also not responsible for loss or damages of any tools or materials at the lab.

Alternative Proposals

Alternative Proposals for doing business at KWartzLab will be considered as long as they fit within our community guidelines and provide a net benefit to the membership. Please contact the board of directors to discuss your idea ([email protected])