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The Drink Fridge is a full height glass front drinks fridge in the Kitchen beside the Snack Cabinet, supplied and owned by Coca Cola, and stocked by members. It operates on a cash and honour-based tab system. Drinks are priced roughly at cost (slightly rounded up) with proceeds from the fridge going back into the lab.

Drink Selection

Selection in the Drink Fridge varies, but generally includes:

  • a variety of canned and bottled pops
    • sugared and sugar-free
  • flavoured sparkling waters
  • juices and/or nectars
  • iced teas
  • energy drinks
  • cold brew coffee

Alcoholic beverages are not sold in the Drink Fridge. Prices range from $1 up to $3 or more for particularly large, fancy, premium beverages.


The Drink Fridge operates on a cash and honour-based, pre-paid tab system. You can either pay as you go by depositing the exact amount each time you take a drink, or you can deposit a greater amount and run your tab down over time. Most people will keep track of their tab on Green Tape on the side of the fridge. A traditional bar tab where you build up a debt then pay it off later is not permitted. Cash only, the cash box accepts both bills and coins.

As per the Code of Conduct, please ensure the Drink Fridge system is not abused so we can Have Nice Things.


The fridge is restocked by and all drinks are purchased by members (see #drinks-and-snacks on Slack). Requests for certain drinks can be made. Current favourite sources for bulk drink purchases are Canadian Wholesale Club in Waterloo and Costco. Overstock is stored in the Kitchen cupboard beside the Dart Board. Beverages in plastic bottles are generally preferred over glass to ease recycling, due to the weight of glass bottles, however such beverages are still permitted.


The fridge was supplied by and is still owned by Coca Cola, and was supplied with the understanding that Kwartzlab would act within a purchase agreement and buy from Coca-Cola suppliers to stock the fridge. As the volume of drinks consumed are so low, none of Coca Cola's distributors would even talk to us, let alone distribute to us. Despite this, an effort has been made, with some amount of wry humour, to nevertheless stock primarily Coca Cola products in the Drink Fridge.

Pricing Guideline

As a reference to those restocking the Fridge, below are the typical costs of products that are usually stocked. Note that actual price may change depending on product cost; this is just a generalization to assist with assigning prices when the tags invariably fall off during restocking.

  • $1 category - 355mL cans, including (but not limited to) colas, ginger ales, flavoured sparking waters (Bubly et al), Crush flavours, small bottles of sparkling water
  • $2 category - San Pellegrino flavoured water, Arizona Iced Teas, cold brew coffees, Gatorades, 500mL bottles of pop, large bottles of sparkling water
  • $3 category - Red Bull, Monster Energy drinks