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Fabtronics is transitioning to three areas.


The below text will be redistributed to the above pages.

"Fabtronics" is a portmanteau of the words "Fabrics" (representing the textile, paper and other crafts) and "Electronics" as these functional areas currently share a room (and a really cool name). No other room has a name as cool as "Fabtronics", and we really, really tried.


The following tools can be found in the Fabtronics Room
On the "Fab" side:
Embroidery Machine
Singer Sewing Machine
Button Maker
Manual Leather Sewing Machine
Knitting Machine
Grommet Press
Silhouette Cameo 1 Die Cutter
and more
On the "Tronics" side:
Soldering Irons
Hot-Air Rework Stations