Hex Wall Design Guide

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9.5cm equilateral hexagons - should be between 3mm and 3.5cm in depth (thinner is okay as long as it isn’t likely to break)

Tile Templates

Design restrictions:

  • Nothing against the Code of Conduct
  • Strong preference for abstract designs
  • Strong preference for non-neon and non-pastel colours
  • Nothing too delicate that it will likely break when we try to put it up or take it down
  • Nothing organic
    • unless 100% sealed (e.g. resin encased fruit slice)
  • Nothing that could hurt anyone (both in materials and design, no impaling spikes, blades, or stabby wires)
  • No human faces
    • because permissions and media and also it’s weird to have faces staring at you
  • Little text
    • Not ‘no text’ but trying to avoid slogans, or random quotes and the like
  • Nothing explicitly holiday-themed
  • No logos or other copyrighted or trademarked things (kwartzlab or otherwise)
  • Any dust attracting things should ideally be sealed (e.g. fabric), or easily cleanable (e.g. vinyl, plastic leaves)
    • we will do some tests, but may need to switch out tiles if they are becoming too dirty and we can’t clean them
  • Nothing ridiculously heavy (please no 3.5cm lead brick tiles)