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Page created: January 2023

Members: Please use this sheet as a friendly list of highlights to give when taking a prospective member on a tour.

Information for Visitors

Ensure that visitors receive the following information:

  • We are 100% volunteer-run, no staff
  • We are intended for adults, however supervised kids are allowed to be here.
    • Bonus points for seeing family generations instructing here. We love that.
  • Members are responsible for their own safety at all times.
  • Guests rules - members may bring in guests if supervised. Guests are not to use tools that require training or that are designated member-only.
  • Dues are how the space is paid for. (including what happens when you don’t pay)

Front Room

  • Front door for public events (TONs)
  • Social Space
  • Classes and lectures can happen here
  • Tools: 3d printer, 3d scanner, vacuum former, printer, piano
  • Cubicon: first large tool purchase with no grants. It just works (far less finicky than most)
  • Show off the cool things in the room.
  • Artist In Residence program: currently on hold.


  • Explain the name (FABric arts and elecTRONICS)
  • Tool: Sewing items, Serger, Silhouette machine, CNC embroidery, Reflow oven, soldering iron, reflow station


  • Highlight Drink Fridge
  • Mural is cool
  • Keep tools out of this space
  • This is a great space to talk about the guest policy

Studios/Bathrooms/Lockers/Member Entrance

  • Where they are
  • Lockers are currently available on a first come first serve basis.
  • 24/7 access to the space


  • Layup is for temporary storage of items drying/curing
  • Large item storage is temporary storage of active projects


  • Very high use tool - be patient if you want to use
  • Materials: (¼” plastics and wood, leather, foam core)

Metal Shop

  • Most tools in here need training
  • How training works
  • Some of it is self-study, and approval from certain members
  • Training courses will teach you how to safely and effectively operate machinery but only present basic knowledge. Members are encouraged to engage in self-learning to hone skills and develop advanced techniques.

Wood Shop

  • Training
  • Kwartzlab does not supply materials
  • Minimal budgets for basic items like glue
  • Cleaning policy - always clean up after yourself
  • Safety boards

Tour's End

From here, take them back to the front. Some may want an interview at this time - list the basic process of applying:

  • Review the Code of Conduct - applicants must read this, it is required as part of the interview process.
  • Safety - all members are responsible for their own safety
  • Ask a member for an interview if you are interested in joining!