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The Snack Cabinet is a glass cabinet in the Kitchen beside the Drink Fridge, stocked by members. There is also a small freezer with frozen meal items. Both operate on a cash and honour-based tab system, shared with the Drink Fridge. Snacks are priced roughly at cost (slightly rounded up) with proceeds going back into the lab.

Snack Selection

Selection in the Snack Cabinet varies and is still in flux, but generally includes:

  • bags (chips, nuts, crackers)
  • bars (granola, protein, cholocate)
  • boxes (chocolaty items)
  • pockets (Jamaican patties, pizza pockets)
  • pizza

Prices are generally $1 or $2, with full pizzas being more expensive.


The Snack Cabinet and freezer operate on the same cash and honour-based, pre-paid tab system as the Drink Fridge. You can either pay as you go by depositing the exact amount each time you take a snack, or you can deposit a greater amount and run your tab down over time. Most people will keep track of their tab on Green Tape on the side of the Drink Fridge. A traditional bar tab where you build up a debt then pay it off later is not permitted. Cash only, the cash box accepts both bills and coins.

As per the Code of Conduct, please ensure the Snack Cabinet system is not abused so we can Have Nice Things.


The cabinet is restocked by members (see #drinks-and-snacks on Slack). Requests for certain snacks can be made. Current favourite sources for bulk purchases are Canadian Wholesale Club in Waterloo and Costco. Overstock is stored in the Kitchen cupboard beside the Dart Board.