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There are memorable things that happen at Kwartzlab. Here are a few of the ones that can be shared publicly.


Member Drew R created a sign for the Fridge that states "Human Food ONLY", which was found to be justifiably hilarious. One Tuesday Open Night a tour was being given to a guest when the tour guide asked what projects the guest was interested in. The answer was a rather unexpected "taxidermy!" When asked what was needed for such a project, the answer was "space to work, and access to a freezer". Thanks to Drew's precience, a rule did not have to be made.

The reason Drew R created the sign was due to an unusual find in the freezer at the former Kent Street location. Whenever the object was found, buried deep in the freezer, its existence was questioned. No answers ever being found, it was placed back from whence it came. Being most decidedly a non-food object, and no plausible reason having been put forth as to why it was in the freezer, the "human food only" sign was conceived.