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This page lists replacement parts for various tools and equipment at Kwartzlab.

Woodshop Equipment

The medium bandsaw uses 93 1/2" by 1/4" width 6 TPI blades.

The large bandsaw uses 133 1/2" blades.

Belts are "551 Gates Truflex 1280RT", part number CGC 81.083.804/0002-71. Measureed width is 3/8", height is 1/4". Current Truflex catalogue states the 3L size belts should be 3/8" wide by 7/32" (.218") tall. Measured outer circumference is 27 7/8". Searching the part numbers has not yielded results I'd trust, probably best to go through a distributor that can cross-reference all required info.

Gates belt catalogue saved on Google Drive

  • Front (left) motor bearing - BSH-2610911927 - 6002-2RS - ID 15mm x OD 32mm x W 9mm
  • Back (right) motor bearing - BSH-2610004595 / 2610911928 - 6200-2RS - ID 10mm x OD 30mm x W 9mm
  • Back (left) arbor bearing - BSH-2610996949 - 629-2RS - ID 9mm x OD 26mm x W 8mm
  • Front (right) arbor bearing - BSH-2610997210 - 6002-2RS- ID 15mm x OD 32mm x W 9mm

Metal Shop Equipment

The paint booth uses QTY 6 furnace filters that are 16x25x1".


The large laser cutter previously used QTY 1 16x25x4" and QTY 2 16x25x1" furnace filters per filter box. Currently only the 4" filter is being used, with further filtering changes possible.