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Congratulations on being accepted to Kwartzlab!

  • Your first step would be to pay for your membership. You will need to pay your membership dues for your first month plus any additional prorated amount for the remainder of the current month before you are officially considered a member. Details on how to pay can be found at Membership Dues. Please allow 24h to process your payment before picking up your Key Fob.

After paying your dues:

  • Pick up your Key Fob, and receive a new member orientation tour. The tour takes about 15-30 minutes. There's lots to cover so don't worry if you don't catch it all - feel free to ask on Slack, or refer to New Member Tour for your tour guide's notes. Tour/key pick up are done Tuesdays at our regular Tuesday Open Night. If you cannot make it to TON, alternate arrangements might be possible.
  • You will be invited to join our Slack community. This is our primary form of communication for the community and how you'll request training, so please sign in and visit the slack community regularly. Please browse the channels available and join any of interest to you. See also Communication
  • Ask for training for the tools you will want to use which require training. To see which tools require training. Typically, you request training via the slack channel for the tool. See Tools that Require Training to see which tools require training

For more fun reading, please see THIS REALLY OLD PAGE THAT NEEDS UPDATING/MOVING TO NEW WIKI: http://old.kwartzlab.ca/wiki/Member_Manual