Woodshop Rules

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General Woodshop Rules

Keeping the Woodshop clean and organized helps all members enjoy the space.

  • Clean up after yourself by returning all tools to their designated location/home when you are finished
  • Clean off machines you used, table surfaces around the tools used, and the floor around the tools you used. Work benches must be cleared off completely before leaving.
  • All machines/tools should be returned to their default reset position with all safety guards in place.
  • Member projects and materials are not to be stored in the woodshop at any time - they should be stored in your locker or the storage areas, labeled and following the storage area rules.
  • Do not remove tools from this room - woodshop tools should stay in the woodshop. If you absolutely must, please remember to return it promptly and leave a note with your name in the place it is normally kept. Many tools from the woodshop are labeled with red and white striped tape to help remind everyone where the tool came from.
  • We do not provide project materials. There is some scrap wood available to use in the woodshop and some nails and screws etc, however this is on a take-a-penny, leave-a-penny sort of a system; if you have useful leftovers from your project, consider leaving them behind for the next person, or if you just need a few of something feel free to use what you find in the woodshop scrap lumber area or fastener areas. Guidelines for leaving scrap lumber are posted in the scrap lumber area in the woodshop
  • Do not block the marked walkway on the floor at any time
  • Metal work is not permitted in the woodshop without prior approval. Metal filings must be completely cleaned up with a vacuum.

As the founder of Boy Scouts Lord Baden-Powell once said in his final messages “Try to leave the Kwartzlab Woodshop a little better than you found it.”

Safety Rules

While in the Kwartzlab Woodshop, there are a number of general safety rules which must be followed for all tools:

  • No horseplay
  • Do not use any tools while impaired by alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise) or illness
  • Tie back long hair
  • No loose clothing, especially loose sleeves
  • Do not use a tool which has been tagged as out of order
  • If you break a tool or find it broken but untagged, please tag it out of order and let the team know via the slack channel.

Our tools do get a lot of use, so they will break down from time to time. There’s no need to hesitate posting that something broke while you were using it for whatever reason. We’d much rather know right away so we can start making plans to fix it rather than sit broken for a few days only for someone to come in expecting it to work.

  • Do not use a tool which requires training you have not yet completed and been authorized to use
  • Always ask for help using tools which you are not comfortable with. If you had training and you still have questions/need help, just ask! If you were trained long ago, you can voluntarily be retrained if you think it would beneficial (additionally, trainers may require periodic retraining). If the tool doesn’t require training and you still need help, please do just ask!
  • Close-toed shoes required at all times
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriately (and where applicable, as listed as mandatory during training for specific machines). Basic safety glasses and Ear Protection (ear muffs) are provided by the lab for general use in the woodshop, as well as full face shield for use on the lathe. If you prefer a different style or require specially PPE you will need to provide it yourself.