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There are Rules, Policies, and Procedures that all Kwartzlab members and guests should be made aware of.

Code of Conduct

All members and guests must follow the Kwartzlab Code of Conduct when on site or attending any Kwartzlab event.

As part of the Code of Conduct, please clean up after yourself. Your workspace should be at least as clean as when you started, at a bare minimum.

Policies and Procedures

Kwartzlab Policies and Procedures Manual
Board Policy and Procedures
Communicable Disease Policy
COVID-19 Response
Election Procedures
Event Procedures
Financial Procedures
Member Hiatus & Withdrawal Guidelines
Membership Procedures
Safety Procedures


Kwartzlab Bylaws


Chemical Prohibitions Kwartzlabs prohibits all fluorinated hydrocarbons (including brake fluid), chlorinated degreasers, or any products containing fluorine or chlorine.

No materials that are chlorinated (including but not limited to PVC) are permitted on the Laser Cutters.

Glass Fiber

No cutting fiber glass, either as insulation or as glass fiber mat for composite lay-ups.

Epoxy Pours

Due to health concerns, Kwartzlab currently prohibits any epoxy pours over 100mL, and any such pour should be mixed and performed in the Paint Booth until further notice.