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Table Saw
Make and Model Bosch 4100 10"
Serial Number
Area Woodshop (Area)
Maintained by Team Woodshop Team
Required PPE Eye Required, Hearing recommended
Can Guests Use? With Supervision
Training Required? Required
Link to Training Google Drive
Tool Status Working

Safety Info

In addition to the Woodshop Rules,

  • The table saw doesn't currently require training, however you are strongly encouraged to complete the online training and ask for help prior to use. The table saw is how even seasoned woodworkers lose fingers.
  • Understand what kickback is, and take precautions to avoid it
  • The table saw makes a lot of sawdust which can quickly become a slipping hazard. Be sure to stop and sweep/vacuum the floor around as necessary during and after use.
  • Use the saw with all safety devices (blade guard, riving knife, anti-kickback pawl) in place as much as possible, and use a pair of push sticks for when ripping stock narrower than 6" wide.
  • Do not rip pieces shorter than about 12” long, nor pieces so narrow they are at risk of falling through the throat plate.

Training Info

Before training on any particular tool in the woodshop, you must complete the general woodshop training which covers safety and rules that are universal for all woodshop equipment).

After that, you may complete the online portion of training via google classroom (See quick info to the left), then an in person portion can be coordinated by posting to the #area-wood-shop slack channel

The in-person training will cover the basics of table saw usage, including the following:

  • Ripping a piece of wood with safety devices in place
  • Removing blade guard, riving knife, and anti-kickback pawl.
  • Cross-cutting a piece of wood with the cross-cut sled or mitre gauge
  • Re-installing the blade guard, riving knife, and anti-kickback pawl.

These should be considered only the absolute basics - a table saw is a very versatile tool; we couldn't possibly cover all that you can do.

Replacement Parts

See Replacement Parts.